About Us

From very different personal and professional backgrounds, we converged on simple ideas: that representing individuals is, at its best, uniquely challenging and supremely rewarding; however, the exacting standards of elite corporate legal practice do not always seem to apply to certain areas of legal service, ranging from family law to risk management. Further, analytical tools common in sectors from finance to technology are largely absent from even elite legal practices, and the legal market itself discourages legal service innovation. Together, we resolved to start a firm that challenges old models, incorporates new ones, and brings the broad analytical and practical skills—and plain intellectual firepower—of carefully chosen attorneys and staff to the service of select individual and corporate clients.

We advise clients frankly about the risks and likely outcomes of their matters, and we understand these matters exist in a matrix that includes businesses, personal issues, and reputations. Whether clients are in politics, entertainment, finance, professional sports, media, medicine, law, or venture capital, we understand their legal challenges and how they fit into and affect the rest of their personal and professional lives.

We combine unique quantitative and qualitative analysis with a deep understanding of traditional litigation and transactional legal work, including sophisticated motion practice and appeals. Beyond the boundaries of technical legal practice, we anticipate problems before they arise, which often enables us to prevent crises altogether. Ideally, this leads us to quick and satisfactory resolution. We remain scrupulously attuned to the motivations and approaches of our adversaries, foreseeing strategies and tactics so that we're able to advise, protect, and fortify our clients even in very high-conflict matters. Because of our methods, our clients are rarely surprised by the strategies or tactics we encounter, and are instead exceptionally prepared.